IMPORTANT: Car Pick-up Guidelines


Beginning Monday, May 4th

  • Car pick ups will load in the BACK of the building only for all grades. (This includes Pre-K and Kindergarten.)
  • Please drive through and pick up your students instead of parking and walking up if at all possible.  This will be much safer for all students. 
  • The entrance for car pick ups is the gate between the playground and the Memorial Jr. High parking lot.  (See map)
  • The gate will be unlocked at 2:30 pm.  Cars may pull into the parking spots in front of the 5 orange cones (only in the right hand lane)
  • Cars will pull up to the staff member calling names so the caller can see their car’s family name on their visor card.  Visor cards MUST be attached to the back side of the passenger side visor, so that when it’s down it can be read.
  • The caller will tell you which numbered cone to pull up to.  Please stay in the right hand lane.  Students will only be loaded on the passenger side by a staff member.
  • Once your car is loaded you may pull into the left lane to exit.
  • Make sure you know the family name assigned to your car and the grades of the students riding with you.  IF you show up without a visor card, you will be delayed while a staff member writes a new one before you can pull through and pick-up students. 
  • NO cars will be allowed in the front circle drive during dismissal.
  • Please be patient as we try this new system.  It should be much quicker and more efficient than our current system.
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