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Student Proficiency Increases in Reading and Math at Salk Elementary

The students and staff at Salk Elementary have been working very hard both in class and out, and it is paying off. For the 2018-2019 school year, student proficiency increased in reading and math. Overall, their proficiency improved by seven percentage points.

“They met their MAP growth goals,” explained Principal Traci Thomas. “They give you a figure of where they should be, and those kids met those or exceeded those. They made huge gains.”

Principal Thomas hopes they can continue that upward momentum with the help of the Achievement Network. ANet is a nonprofit that provides professional development opportunities for teachers and assessments for students to keep everyone moving toward the goal of grade-level proficiency for all students. Teachers consult with ANet coaches to ensure that the lessons are complex, rigorous, and thought-provoking.   

The ANet assessments are developed around the curriculum that Salk uses, including Eureka Math and CKLA.

“The kids love the stories in CKLA. Teachers are getting really comfortable with the curriculum, and I just see great things happening,” said Thomas.

Salk has also added staff members so that more people are helping students when they need it most. Exceptional students are now in class with their peers, getting the same lessons as they do. They still have a support team member by their side to offer guidance when necessary.

“They are blossoming. It’s been really exciting to see that happen,” said Thomas. “We have to expose them to that grade-level material for them to progress.”

As they continue to look for ways to grow and help their kids excel, this year is likely to be even better than the last.

“We’re working really, really hard. When we saw the growth last year, we were really excited,” said Thomas. “Everybody is onboard and wanting to do what’s right for kids. When you’re all on the same page, you know that progress is going to happen.”

To learn more about the curriculum at Salk, visit the Academics page.