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Exceptional Students

SPARK students will not receive assigned homework.  The only work taken home is if a student chooses to do additional research/learning at home or doesn't use class time wisely.  

SPARK class times  *subject to change
1st grade Monday, 8:40-9:40
2nd grade Friday, 8:00-9:20
3rd grade Thursday, 12:45-2:10
4th grade Tuesday, 1:10-2:10 & Wednesday, 10:15-11:40
5th grade Thursday, 8:45-10:45
6th grade Tuesday, 9:30-10:15 & Wednesday, 1:00-2:10


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Ms. Judith Ide
Exceptional Student Services

Ms. Debra Autry
Exceptional Student Services

Ms. Karen Bacus
Exceptional Student Services

Mrs. Kelli Schroeder
Exceptional Student Services

Mrs. Lyn Gray
Reading Specialist

Ms. Barbara Kroemenhoak
Reading Teacher Assistant Instructor

Mrs. Susan Comfort

Mrs. Heather Philley
English Language Development

Ms. Lisa Wrest
English Language Development

Mrs. Patricia Starnes
English Language Development

Mrs. Stephanie Shumaker