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A Special Friend
by Marian Woodhead

Sometimes I'm happy and sometimes sad.
Sometimes I'm scared and sometimes I'm mad.
When I need a friend to listen, someone to understand
a place to go and talk a bit, the counselor can lend a hand.

We might read a story or play a game, watch a film, or just chat about why I came.
When I need help it's nice to know that the counselor's office is the place to go.

What Does an Elementary School Counselor Do?

  • Helps students develop a positive attitude toward school and learning
  • Helps students develop good relationships with peers, parents, teachers, and siblings
  • Helps students improve their communication skills and develop effective decision-making strategies
  • Helps students deal with personal concerns, developmental tasks, crisis, school related problems, home concerns, health, and physical development
  • Helps to ease the transition between school settings
  • Plans and implements with teachers a program of activities designed to enhance the personal and social/emotional development of elementary students

How Does a Student See the Counselor?

  • Self referral
  • Teacher referral
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Special Services referral
  • Referral by a friend

Why Does a Student See a Counselor?

  • To understand abilities and limitations
  • To adjust to a new school
  • To find answers to concerns
  • To develop skills in getting along with others
  • To adjust to family transitions
  • To achieve in school
  • To share friendship

Kim Jones

Mrs. Kim Jones

Lauren Kennison

Mrs. Lauren Kennison

Hi, my name is Lauren Kennison and I am one of the new school counselors at Salk Elementary this year. I have earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as recently graduated from Oklahoma State University with my Master’s in School Counseling. My passion for school counseling comes from my drive to help students be the best they can possibly be, both in academics and life in general. I met my husband my first year at OSU and have now been married almost for two years. Together we have two dogs, one an Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix and a Labrador Retriever. My Australian shepherd is a certified therapy dog that has been trained to provide support to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and even schools. This year, my goal is to keep an open line of communication between our staff members, community members, and parents/ guardians. I am look forward to having a great year at Salk Elementary!