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Salk Elementary
Updated July 2023


  • Shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve
  • No t-shirts or sleeveless shirts. All shirts must have collars.
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns. (Salk spirit wear can be worn)
  • Red, white, navy blue, and gray
  • Undershirts and leggings/tights must be matching school schools (red, navy, black, or white)

Pants and Shorts

  • Khaki, navy blue, or black
  • Jeans are permitted with a uniform top
  • Leggings can only be worn under skirts or shorts and must be uniform colors
  • Solid-colored belts (black and brown) may be worn


  • Shoes should be athletic style and closed toe
  • Shoes with lights, sounds, or wheels are not allowed
  • Any color

Dresses, Skirts, and Jumpers

  • Khaki, navy blue, or tan
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Must wear a uniform color shirt underneath
  • Must be at least three inches from the knees


  • Plain solid-color sweatshirts/sweaters (black, red, gray, or navy) may be worn over the uniform collared shirt

Prohibited Items

  • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • No pants with excessive holes or rips
  • No shirts with profane, vulgar, or suggestive messages
  • No hoodies, jackets, or coats in the classroom
  • Clothing should be solid without designs, decals, or logos. No designs or other colors are permitted.
  • No sandals, shower shoes, slides, or flip flops