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  • Oxford or polo shirts can be long sleeve or short sleeve
  • No t-shirts or sleeveless shirts. All shirts must have collars.
  • Long sleeve shirts worn under short sleeve shirts must be either the school red, navy blue, or white. 
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Shirts MUST have a collar, not simply a t-shirt.
  • Shirts MUST be tucked in.
  • Classic red, navy, and white

Pants & Shorts

  • example of khaki shorts
    example of black pant
    No cargo pants/shorts
  • No jeans
  • Pants should fit properly in all areas.
  • Must be in good repair - no tears or holes
  • Shorts must extend below the fingertips when the child is standing with hands to their sides
  • Navy, khaki, tan, or black

Dresses, Skirts & Jumpers

  • Length must extend to at least 3 inches from the knees
  • Jumpers must have a collared shirt underneath
  • No writing, logos, stripes, or patterns
  • Navy, khaki, tan, or black



  • All shoes need to be athletic style shoes and closed toe.
  • Shoes with lights, games, or sounds are not allowed
  • Any color


  • Sweaters, sweater vests and sweatshirts are all allowed. 
  • May NOT have a hood on the sweater or sweatshirt
  • Heavy coats need to stay in lockers
  • Teachers may have students put their jacket in their locker if it becomes a distraction
  • Solid school colors


  • Scarves MAY NOT be worn around the head or the neck unless the scarf is part of a religious preference.
  • Any jewelry, hair design or ornamentation must not be a distraction** to the educational process.
  • Hair color is to be of a ‘natural’ color (no, pink, blue, classic red, green, etc…dyed color).
  • Hair extensions are to be the same color as the student’s hair color.

Spirit days every Friday

Students may wear a uniform shirt or a Salk Spirit t-shirt.

  • May wear Jeans.
  • Must be blue denim jeans (not black, red, green, yellow or any other color than blue denim).
  • Blue jean denim shorts are acceptable (of appropriate length of no more than 3 inches above the knee) and of appropriate fit (cannot be too saggy or too tight).

Free Dress Day​

On free dress days, students may wear any school appropriate clothes they choose.
However, shoes still need to be athletic style. Make sure all shorts, skirts and shorts are appropriate lengths. No profanity, costumes, or pajamas. Shoulder straps must be a minimum of the width of two fingers of the person wearing the garment.

***Adjustments to the dress code may be made for special events.***